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Re: DS9 on blu-ray -- What can we do?

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Easy money to spend on DS9-R hopefully!
Nope, not easy at all... they'd have to go through a similar process to what TNG went through, but then there's an additional snag...

DS9 might suffer from the Babylon 5 problem. A lot of the battles were CGI, and rendered at standard resolution. Fine for DVDs, but they'd need to track down all those files that came from different companies and have them re-rendered... If by a miracle they were able to do that, there might still be a concern if the quality of the models isn't good enough to look realistic at 1080p.

DS9 is the best Star Trek, so I would love to see it on Blu-Ray but unfortunately for some incomprehensible reason, most people don't seem to like DS9 as much as the others, and so given the additional difficulties who knows if it might ever happen.
Trekmovie had that article a few months ago about how Rob Bonchune had a ton of DS9 CGI files. He used them to render an HD screencap of that Nebula class ship from Waltz.
TrekCore actually.

The problem still remains that multiple vendors provided the CGI for DS9 and VOY, so it gets harder to have the original CGI assets that way. Rob's obviously got some from working at Foundation Imaging, but there are quite a few others that Digital Muse did. Both of which are defunct companies.

The only choice for missing assets is start again from scratch, something that could be quite an undertaking. Since it's not just the models (which could easily be licensed from awesome CG artists like CBS Digital is rumored to have done with Tobias Richter's Enterprise-D model for TNG-R), it's the entire render: the positions of ships, lighting, etc. that would need to be redone.

Don't get me wrong, I want DS9-R very badly, I really really want to see remastered. DS9 had a depth and breadth that no other show could match. We just to have understand what huge undertaking this could be for CBS. Let alone trying to do VOY which is all CGI for 7 seasons.

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