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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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Is it really that they "lost" their relationship with the spirits, or it was never properly restored after the War?
I took that to be implicit. They lost their connection due to the slaughter of their waterbenders, and so the next generations had no one to teach them about their spirituality, and thus the culture drifted away from it.
While a reasonable explanation, it kind of makes Unalaq come across as even more of a dick from my perspective, when it seems like the Northern Tribe should have been a lot more involved from the get-go if it was such a big deal.

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And I concede that there are some people of other ethnic groups with reddish hair, but I don't know if we've seen any in the Avatarverse; and Ginger's overall look was just too much based on Hollywood starlets from our American cultural heritage, so it stood out as incongruous in this context.
Well, but that's sort of been true with Legend of Korra a lot, blending what seems to us a lot more American-esque stylistic choices to show the advance of technology while never losing the obvious Asian-inspired origins. It just felt to me like a logical continuation of that trend, much like with the... guy... Asami was there to talk to in the first place.

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While it's clear the Asian inspired cultures are the dominant ones, for all we know there's a relatively small group of highland dwelling earthbenders with a thing for playing the bagpipes and a taste for koala sheep stomach stuffed with wheat and barley.
Good point, yeah. And from what little we've seen I think Bumi would fit in perfectly well there, heh.

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Further thoughts on the difference between Aang's and Korra's relationships with the Avatar State: Aang was a gentle person from a pacifistic culture, and he was always uncomfortable with wielding power. The Avatar State frightened him, and so it was difficult for him to embrace and master it. But Korra is aggressive by nature and defines herself by her strength, so she enjoys having and wielding power. Being passive and vulnerable is what makes her uncomfortable. They have opposite temperaments, so what came easily to Aang is hard for Korra and vice-versa.
I guess this makes sense if we're just thinking of the Avatar State as the Avatar powering up, it's just that throughout A:TLA - and especially at the end of Season 2 - it seemed to be extremely connected with the spiritual nature of the Avatar, and that controlling it/willing it was something that even Aang with his highly-developed spiritual nature had difficulty with. I suppose on balance it evens out - Aang has a more natural affinity for it (hence activating it accidentally several times) but feared it/didn't want it as a child, while Korra's less attuned to it but revels in it so can basically "brute force" it and over 6 months has fairly mastered it. Or it's just a minor retcon and I can stop thinking about The Guru, which is fine.
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