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Re: Bizarre Simpson-eque Ethical Dilemma

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I disagree vehemently with Christopher that coming clean completely will benefit you.
Your vehemence is wasted, then. I did not say "will"; I said "might."

And even if it doesn't benefit him personally, that doesn't mean it isn't still the right thing to do. Letting someone else get away with wrongdoing just to protect yourself is never right.

And has it occurred to anyone that a person's anonymity on a public bulletin board is not absolute? There are ways to identify posters through their ISPs, or by subpoenaing a board's registration records. So just by confessing the act on this board, Collingwood Nick, you may have already potentially exposed yourself. Perhaps you should consider talking to a lawyer instead of taking advice from a bunch of strangers online. At least then your conversations would be privileged.
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