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Re: Not real Star Trek

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2. It must NOT be simply about action. Violence is the last resort, least preferred method. It must not be overtly sexual or gratuitous.
Have you even seen TOS? The show was about as overtly sexual and gratuitous as you could get away with in the 60s. I think Gene loved to push the censor to the limit. If they said no nipples Gene would suggest they cover the nipples and nothing else. No skirt was ever short enough for Gene.

Violence happened and not always as the last resort. Kirk was more than happy to conduct a campaign of sabotage against the Klingons on Organia. Scotty started a barfight because his ship was insulted.
Yeah you can rest assured I have seen all of TOS.

I think ENT was far worse than anything TOS did, as you said it did what it could get away with in the '60's [which wasn't much]. I dont see why you think some of the TOS outfits are overtly sexual. Revealing yeah but I think there is a world between them and watching a chick strip down to her underwear...for the sake of it.

A barfight and a sabotage campaign are all intrinsic to plot: there are dozens of TOS episodes where Kirk specifically tries to resolve problems without resorting to violence or atleast shows remorse at the necessity. Its easy to point to two examples and scream 'OMFG VIOENCE!' but centering entire plots around it, simply for the sake of it, is not Star Trek and I do not think TOS really had that problem.
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