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Re: VOY Caption Contest 113: Bad Romance

Q: Oh Kathy... is that a foot in my face or a leg raised in invitation?

Janeway: You're a despotic jackbooted fascist, who sows fear and terror into those around him, admit you engage in plots that your superiors would be appaled with and... and... I. Want. You. Bad!

Paris: Rejecting me because I can't carpet munch? I'll rock your world... twice.

Q: Not now Kathy, as much as I'd like you to let the lead out of my pencil, my fellow Q are letting their lead out of their barrels right now and that's just deadly.

Chakotay: There was once an angry warrior. He decided to devote himself to the beautiful female warrior and watched her at all times, even during her most private moments. Then he wasn't so angry anymore.
Janeway: I'd rather take my chances with the monkey.
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