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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

Looked like a great deal of effort was put into the production itself with the good animation and humor but I thought the double episode itself was pretty slow. Still, I look forward to seeing the first avatar and how bending got its start.

And as much as I wished that we had a season dedicated to an avatar without powers, I do like what we're getting just as much... A fully realized Korra who can access the avatar state. Also, with all these new powers we're seeing in others, it looks like the avatar could benefit from learning more than just how to bend four elements.

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Not happy that Asami disappeared in episode 2. I assume we'll see more of her and the crazy financier guy later on.
I hope so. I like 'em both.

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What I'm wondering is why his moving-picture starlet Ginger is a redhead. They don't have Caucasians in their world! How have they ever seen a redhead before?
I thought something about her stood out but I figured it was just the modern-day evening gown and the gams.

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Besides, why would the show runners allow racial prejudice to get in the way of a good Jessica Rabbit joke?
Interesting. I didn't make that connection.
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