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Re: No Radiation Suits In The 23rd Century?

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^ Those were medical robots.

Actually, they were supposed to be just guys in radiation suits.
In the commentary they show the original and say Abrams just didn't like the way they looked in the scene, with just a small part of their face visible, so they added some cg masks to cover them up.

So, no reason why they have to be robots.

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh, these things in white bug me the most. Whether they were robots or radiation suits, where were they when the warp core needed to be realigned?

And sure, Kirk needed to get in FAST to save the ship. Shouldn't Scotty or Chekov been suiting up to follow him in? Or sending in one of these 'robots'? At the very least they could have helped when Kirk was having trouble with the alignment and/or gotten him out sooner.

UNLESS the radiation emitted by the core is of a type against which suits are useless??? But I guess at that point, the walls would be kinds useless too.
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