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Agent Richard07
Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Not bad, though the gag about Katana's safety suit in the opening was overboard.
You'd think that Batman would be smarter than to put her in something so ridiculous. It was a good attempt at humor though in that eye-rolling sort of way.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I'm not surprised that her look is just her standard outfit with a domino mask; they've spent seven weeks establishing that look for her in our minds, so I didn't expect them to depart from it much now. Plus it saves them having to build a whole new digital model for her.
Still hoping for a Katana/Robin hybrid suit.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Barbara is still cool.
Yes she is. She has the makings of a pretty good version of Batgirl if they ever get that far. I wouldn't mind seeing a Batgirl who's girly and precocious instead of overly heroic for an amateur.
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