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Re: Post TMP 5 Year Mission

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Here's my take on the two different eras of continuity:
I love your website but I'm not sure that I totally understand the color codes of the TOS section. Mainly the white color. What does this stand for? Does it denote a crossover between the 2 trek-lit universes: original and modern?
On all my lists the white denotes nothing. It's for the entries that are referenced in one way or another by other stories, but aren't very important or very well tied to the Lit-verse continuity. The entries that apply to both the old and new Lit-verses have both blue and green colors.

Also, the list might be a little easier to understand for TOS if the Original trek-lit stories had their own page, so you wouldn't have two overlapping "continuities" in the same "chronology" Just a suggestion.
I've thought of doing that as well. I may do it eventually, but there are some other things I want to get done first, and I have such limited time to work on it. Plus keep in mind that the two continuities aren't totally separate. There is some overlap of stories and references between the two.

One more question, why would Rihannsu be "light blue"? Aren't they effectively replaced and slightly contradicted by the Vulcan's Noun series? Otherwise shouldn't Pandora's Principle be "light blue" as well?
I do need to add "light blue" on The Pandora's Principle. Thanks for pointing that out. As far as I feel, the events of the Rihannsu books and The Pandora Principle did take place in the Lit-verse in some basic form, though you have to gloss over the "continuity errors."

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