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Re: FLASH series being developed for The CW

What does an actual forensic scientist look like? I imagine they're as varied in looks as any other profession. Some might even be "pretty boys". For that matter, other than having blond hair, what does Barry Allen look like? Every artist will draw him differently. He doesn't have a specific chin, nose or ear type. Even his build will vary from artist to artist. In comics he's basically a decently built male with blond hair.

I've only seen this actor on Glee. He was good on that, but was playing a villain. He convinced me the character was a manipulative jerk who wasn't above cheating to win. Since I'd like to think he's not that way in real life I'll assume it was acting. Looks wise he reminds me of a young Kevin Bacon. Not traditional leading man looks, but attractive in an off beat way.
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