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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

We are then coming to the same point. The idea was so ingrained that no one even thought of it or bothered to pitch the idea? Not even D.C. Fontana?

That may well be yet fortunately that sentiment never got conveyed in a blatantly apparent manner.

I'm not trying to manufacture an argument. I'm trying to clarify that a sexist mindset that did indeed exist at time was not blatantly conveyed in the fictional universe portrayed onscreen. It simply would have been nice, though, if they had taken even just one opportunity to put the issue to rest as they had with the one time character of Commodore Stone and the other command rank characters seen briefly in "Court Martial" (Stone, Kraznowsky, Chandra) and "The Menagerie" (Mendez).

On the flip side it's just as well the characters of Matt Decker, Ron Tracey and Commodore Stocker were not written as women or that could have simply fuelled the argument opined by Janice Lester. But Admiral Komack, Admiral Fitzpatrick, Commodore Wesley or either Captains Kraznowsky or Chandra could have been protrayed by a woman. Hell, the latter two mentioned didn't even have speaking parts, but that wouldn't have mattered in establishing the fact.
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