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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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It is a massive plot-hole. MASSIVE. He spent the whole movie wanting to kill Kirk right up to beaming up Genesis and then just changed his mind? I call BULLSHIT.
Khan had a flash of wicked inspiration? I've seen that scene several times and you see the cogs in Khan's head whirring away. Ain't nothing wrong with that nor is a devastating plothole so bad it ruins your enjoyment of TWOK.
You like it more so you make up excuses and forgive it's plotholes.
Well obviously. A good film makes you overlook the plotholes but when the logic begins to seriously fail and fall apart -- especially when STID wants everyone to take it seriously -- then the astute viewer is going to do just that and ask why this story has been so poorly thought out. STID is trying to portray itself as a thoughtful and intelligent movie when it is anything but.

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Is it really a plot hole when a character decides to settle on stranding his enemy for all eternity and blowing up his crippled ship after two failed attempts at killing said enemy? It's way more plausible than, say, stuffing people you want to keep alive inside of torpedoes with live warheads.
bullethead, I think you are one of the few voices of reason on this board!

Khan changed his mind; he thought of a better way to get his vengeance due to an opportunity presenting itself. It is that simple as that! It is not really a plothole if you can come up with a plausible reason for explaining this apparent 'inconsistency'.
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