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Re: Alexandra Luthor? Lex female in movie

So, you really think they'll write a female Lex Luthor in a mainstream movie or TV show? I know they like to mix stuff up, but Lex is way too much of a classic villain. There isn't that much gender swapping for big characters like that. Just like how we'll never get an Iron Woman movie from Marvel or see Batman fighting a female Joker in a movie, we won't see a female Lex Luthor. Now, there are analogs to a female Joker (like harley Quinn, although I think she's fairly different compared to him) and female Iron man (Pepper Potts in an Iron man suit has atleast been used in comics, along with a female Crimson Dynamo and others), but we won't get a movie starring a Toni Stark or a woman actually called the Joker, just like we won't see a male Storm in an X-Men movie or a male Amazon from Paradise Island in a Justice League movie.
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