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Okay, I think we have a new winner for the stupidest-looking Ranger power-up ever. First off, those new swords are ridiculous, with the big plastic globes on the hilts. What the hell is that supposed to be? But just as stupid is the new armor with the big dragon heads sticking out of their chests. It's painfully obvious that the huge dragon heads limit their freedom of arm movement, especially when trying to spin those ridiculous swords with the big plastic globes on them. And the armor was basically doing the fighting for them, so why were the Rangers even needed? This was really pretty awful.

And while the climax of the episode made the Rangers look stupid, the first half of the episode made them act stupid. They were way too slow to catch on to the fact that the monster was just creating illusions, even though he was very obvious about his fakery.

Oh, and it was pretty incongruous when the Wild Sword broke free and destroyed all the buildings for a block around -- buildings that I doubt would've had time to be evacuated -- because it didn't want to hurt anyone. Talk about your mixed messages.
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