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Re: Why did Dax remove her spots?

^Here's Memory Alpha's blurb about the added scenes from the novel:

As well as additional scenes from "Trouble with Tribbles", the novelisation includes scenes showing DS9 crewmembers interacting with Enterprise senior staff or Enterprise crew reacting to them that the episode could not have included; this includes Dr. Julian Bashir briefly encountering Dr. Leonard McCoy while searching for Darvin, Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott speculating on Chief Miles O'Brien and Dr Bashir's identities after Kirk sees them following the fight, and Kirk reflecting on his encounter with 'Lieutenant' BenjaminSisko- incorrectly remembering his name as 'Brisko'- with Spock as the lieutenant didn't carry himself as such, although in all cases the Enterprise crew dismiss their lack of recognition as irrelevant or unimportant.
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