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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

I watched The Night the World Exploded today. I was expecting a rather cheesy movie, given the hyperbolic title (spoiler: it didn't actually explode), but it actually wasn't half bad. It was pretty short and kind of rushed, relying heavily on stock footage, narration, and spinning newspapers to convey the global crisis, but the pseudoscience behind it was actually relatively well-thought-out and plausible, at least by the standards of '50s B-movie pseudoscience, and there was an endearingly clunky attempt at a message about humanity uniting to save itself. Plus it had the gorgeous Kathryn Grant, the princess from The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, as its leading lady, and by the standards of '50s sci-fi B-movie leading ladies, her character was reasonably strong and competent albeit subject to some of the usual cliches. There was some decent dialogue writing too, and some of the stock music was by Star Trek's George Duning, particularly the romantic stuff that he did so well. Some of the supporting actors didn't exactly give it their A game, though, like the local sheriff who gave a rather blase phone report about a giant volcano forming and erupting right outside his window.

I noticed that one of the spinning newspapers was The Daily Sentinel. Good to see that Britt Reid was on the case.
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