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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Can someone with Issues # 2 and #3, please post some pictures of them? I'd like to see what the true color of NCC-1701 is. Is it blueish or is it grey?
A very flat, neutral grey.

[I had one more look at it in the shop today. Just how badly they did was hammered home by their own centre spread, which showed a top-down view of the ship with the "aztec" patterning and not even a sign of the deep grid cut into the attached model's saucer. If you haven't already subscribed to or otherwise prebought this one and don't feel the need to be 100% completist, I'd skip this one and wait for the E-A if you want a Constitution-refit. Hopefully, they'll resculpt and work on a better paint job.]
I'm already subscribed. So what you're saying is that the pic of the model in the Magazine looks better than the actual model? Or what? I didn't quite understand what you're saying there.
The centre spread of the magazine is a large, top-down picture of either the filming model or a reasonable approximation thereof.

While the Enterprise-D model from issue 1 didn't look too bad next to the big picture, with only the too-dark nacelle cap colour (which is clear blue plastic overpainted with clear red on their model) and a couple of small details being unpainted looking wrong, the Enterprise-refit picture shows up the flat grey of the #2 model quite horribly. In addition, their E-r model has a deep circular grid cut into the top surface of the saucer which not only looks poor in its own right, but which isn't visible in the large image.
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