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Re: FLASH series being developed for The CW

Whether any one person thinks an actor is a good choice based on what they look like is still completely irrelevant, because they don't make TV for only one person. When they're casting an actor for a role, they don't go "Hmm, let's pick out one guy on the Internet and base our decision on what he thinks the character should look like." No -- they pick whoever they feel will be the best actor for the role in terms of talent, personality, reliability, chemistry with the rest of the cast, availability, affordability, and so forth. Appearance is certainly one consideration, but they'd be idiots to make it their overriding concern.

And really, why is anyone surprised that a new Arrow cast member doesn't resemble his comics counterpart? Katie Cassidy doesn't look a damn thing like the comics' Dinah Laurel Lance. Emily Bett Rickards bears no resemblance to the original Felicity Smoak. Manu Bennett doesn't resemble Slade Wilson aside from having a similar beard. Seth Gabel doesn't remotely resemble Count Vertigo. Michael Rowe doesn't look much like Floyd Lawton. Colton Haynes doesn't share Roy Harper's hair color. Even Stephen Amell bears only a mild resemblance to Oliver Queen. Really, to date, the only prominent characters I can think of who've looked much like their comics counterparts have been Moira, Huntress, and China White.
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