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Re: Stargate to receive movie reboot, trilogy planned

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if I wanted someone to start up the franchise again, I'd call Wright first.
Looking at the ratings, which steadily declined during the last five years or so Wright was in charge of the franchise, I don't know if he'd be a prime candidate for the job. I mean, Rick Berman made Paramount a lot of money running Star Trek for 18 years, but the studio isn't going to put him in charge of the franchise now, either, because it also suffered from diminishing returns by the end of his tenure.
SG1 was the highest rated show on Sci-Fi until Atlantis started up and season eight of SG1 was their highest rated season on Sci-Fi. Wright and Cooper left Atlantis for two seasons to develop Stargate Universe and it was Cooper who left during season two of Universe.
The greatest science fiction series of all time is
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