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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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I'm a bit confused about the relationship between the Water Tribes. It seems like they're somehow politically united, with actual rulership resting at the North Pole?
Yes -- according to the Avatar Wiki, "Eventually, the governments of the tribes were merged, and a Chief for both tribes was chosen." However, the United Republic Council had both Northern (Tarrlok) and Southern Tribe representatives.

And as for Unalaq's attitude about the Southern Tribe's relationship with the spirits, let's not forget that 60 years ago, the Southern Tribe was so devastated that they had no water benders until Katara was trained, while the North had their magnificent ice city. Is it really that they "lost" their relationship with the spirits, or it was never properly restored after the War?
I took that to be implicit. They lost their connection due to the slaughter of their waterbenders, and so the next generations had no one to teach them about their spirituality, and thus the culture drifted away from it.

(Although... considering Aang married a Water Tribe gal, that seems unlikely...).
They had a whole world to look after. And no one person, even one as formidable as Katara, could singlehandedly teach an entire society what they'd lost.

On the other hand... she seems very in control of the Avatar State, going in and out of it at will. Considering the huge difficulty Aang had with controlling it and the process he went through with the Guru, this seems very strange.
We've been shown from the start that Korra was an exceptionally quick study with everything but airbending, a natural prodigy. That's one reason she has trouble learning things that are difficult for her -- because, unlike Aang, she's used to things coming to her almost effortlessly. So it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that she's harnessed the Avatar State more easily than Aang did. That's in keeping with the established differences between them.

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What I'm wondering is why his moving-picture starlet Ginger is a redhead. They don't have Caucasians in their world! How have they ever seen a redhead before?
Eh? Aside from that red hair isn't unique to white folks, there's always hair coloring.
Well, yes, but the point is, if they had no examples to follow, why would they choose that color? It would be just as arbitrary as if she chose to dye her hair blue or green.

And I concede that there are some people of other ethnic groups with reddish hair, but I don't know if we've seen any in the Avatarverse; and Ginger's overall look was just too much based on Hollywood starlets from our American cultural heritage, so it stood out as incongruous in this context.

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Oh, and random thought, but wasn't there supposed to be a Spirit voiced by Grey DeLisle? Did I miss that, or have we just not met said Spirit yet?
We haven't heard any of the spirits speak yet (perhaps because nobody's said "Eeny meany chili beany"), so no doubt it will be in a future episode. Probably not until Korra connects mentally with the spirits or crosses into the Spirit World.
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