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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

Polite? I don't recall seeing spoiler code etiquette in the most recent Emily Post's guide.

Even if it's "polite" to spoiler code, what should be spoiler coded? Everyone has their idea of what constitutes "spoilers", though most of them are wrong. If I mention that the TARDIS was spotted in DTI: Watching the Clock, is that a spoiler to you? Because it's not plot relevant, and not even something most people would pick up on if they're not a fan of Doctor Who. If you think that's a spoiler, though, what's to be done by the rest of us who only considered it an easter egg and wanted to mention that we noticed it? Must it be spoiler coded?

If we have to be "polite" when it comes to spoiler coding, the person with the lowest threshold for spoiler material (i.e., the person with the widest definition of and the greatest aversion to spoilers) will set the bar for the entire board. Is that reasonable? Thousands of posters are registered here, and yet only one gets to set conditions for what should be spoiler coded?
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