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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

A solid opener I think. The animation and music was absolutely gorgeous, and I love the style for the spirits. I like that we're getting some focus on Water Tribe life at least initially because we got a good look at the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation in A:TLA we didn't get nearly as much time with the Water Tribes. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes and how the characters develop because at this point... I'm not sure what to think about a lot of things.

I kind of wish they'd made Unalaq a bit less overtly smarmy/sinister, because except he's coming across as way too much like Tarrlok for my tastes. On the other hand of course, Tonraq was really aggressive and controlling of Korra - I like him overall, especially his relationship so far with Mako and his reaction to Korra bringing back the Southern Lights. I hope we get to see more of the relationship between these brothers.

I'm a bit confused about the relationship between the Water Tribes. It seems like they're somehow politically united, with actual rulership resting at the North Pole? And as for Unalaq's attitude about the Southern Tribe's relationship with the spirits, let's not forget that 60 years ago, the Southern Tribe was so devastated that they had no water benders until Katara was trained, while the North had their magnificent ice city. Is it really that they "lost" their relationship with the spirits, or it was never properly restored after the War? (Although... considering Aang married a Water Tribe gal, that seems unlikely...).

Korra seems to have regressed a bit... or maybe it's just my own expectations getting in the way. I certainly didn't want her to lose her fiery attitude, so glad to see that's still intact. It does seem weird that after last season's finale she'd still be so (seemingly) unattuned to the spirits. On the other hand... she seems very in control of the Avatar State, going in and out of it at will. Considering the huge difficulty Aang had with controlling it and the process he went through with the Guru, this seems very strange. Overall no big deal though.

I wonder if Jinora's going to be the one who ultimately really helps Korra learn about her spiritual nature, considering her scene in the statue room? That'd be really fun.

Bumi, Kya, and the Creepy Twins are fun enough so far, but nothing big - I'm sure we'll see more of them.

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What I'm wondering is why his moving-picture starlet Ginger is a redhead. They don't have Caucasians in their world! How have they ever seen a redhead before?
Eh? Aside from that red hair isn't unique to white folks, there's always hair coloring.

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Her uncle was clearly the Big Bad from the get-go. The moment I saw him controlling spirits, no question.
I'm not so sure. I mean clearly he's up to no good, but I smell a red herring. Something else is going on.
You thinking a Tarrlok-esque (or maybe Zhao-esque) multiple villains with different motivations?

Oh, and random thought, but wasn't there supposed to be a Spirit voiced by Grey DeLisle? Did I miss that, or have we just not met said Spirit yet?
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