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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Being that I'm so far behind with this (and juggling reading two novels at the same time) I decided to go back and re-read Ish #57 to get into it again. I really liked the scene at the airport where Clark flew half-way around the world to retrieve the little girl's stuffed animal. A really nice touch, one that greatly humanizes the Superman character and at the same time, helps me forget what a douche Clark was through ten seasons of the show on TV!

Finally got around to #58 and was quite surprised by the fact that Lois and Steve were apparently once an item. Is there like anyone in the DC Universe she hasn't dated or hopped in the sack with? That surprise aside, it was cool seeing her and Diana work together as two hot, tough chicks against the flying monkeys from Oz, or whatever the hell they are.

Going back to 57 for a minute, I liked the subtle nod to continuity when Clark asked Senator Ma Kent about Connor; I had damn near forgotten about the fact that he was still in the picture! Kinda makes me wonder how long it'll be before he puts in a digital appearance. And on the same line of thought about continuity, I wonder (pardon the pun) if Q will acknowledge that Diana has apparently met Chloe (remember Chlo's line to Clark in S10 about the people she met in her travels?)

Good stuff. I'll continue to plug along in my attempts to catch up to you all.

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