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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

I hope we see more of Margaret as she's one of my favourite characters on the show. Heck, I'd rather see her than Gillian, who at this point has become a joke. She's like an evil witch that just refuses to die after all that she's done. She's way past having had it coming.

There's one recent miniseries I watched where there was a similar character that kept plotting and scheming and it never mattered in the end what happened because she'd always have her next scheme right around the corner, and it became unwatchable because she was way overplayed. Gillian's a bit like this character. She wore out her welcome long ago, and considering what happened last season, I'm disappointed that of all the characters they decided to keep, that she was one of them. Now it's come to the point of feeling comical, that after all that, she's still scheming her way out as if nothing happened. It makes Jimmy's death feel like there was no point to it. Enough already. Make something happen to her, something that she can't bounce back from. She takes everything for granted, so I'd love it the writers would make her vulnerable by possibly losing everything including her house. Give her something drastic to chew on.
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