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Re: why no 'Star Trek vs Aliens' comic series?

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Heck, the Nausicaans look like the Predator species anyway.

Digression: This thread has got me thinking that at least one of those two Fox horror franchises is misnamed. It's the Xenomorphs that are the predators -- animals whose primary subsistence method is to pursue, capture, and feed on live prey. The Yautja are instead hunters -- intelligent beings who stalk and kill prey for sport. In fact, the film Predator was originally going to be called Hunter, which would've been more accurate.
I could see a Predator (Yautja) Trek cross-over more easily.

Some of Duras bunch, a few Hirogen, Nausicaans, Jem Hadar etc would be featured in a plot similar to "Tsunkatse."

I might want to add Carpenter's Thing and some Founders to keep things interesting.
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