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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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The Making of Star Trek, and several other sources. (The other sources may have been referencing TMoST, though.) If I remember right, CVN-65 may have been the latest and greatest at the time, but CV-6 had quite the illustrious history behind it.
I don't doubt that's true, but damned if I can find it in TMoST. I did see carrier names discussed as other starship names, Forrestal mentioned wrt starship tonnage, and CVN-65 used for a size comparison diagram.

Not knowing the details of the name choice, "Enterprise" would seem to be a happy two-for-one: The storied lone survivor of the early carrier battles for WW2 appeal, and the new super-carrier much covered in the press for its revolutionary propulsion and being the largest mobile structure ever built.
Slight tangent, but I've often wondered how the navy at large feels about the NCC-1701 in relation the CV-6 or CVN-65. Do they feel that the starship Enterprise overshadows the real ships, or that her fame helps bring those famous ships' real feats to a greater audience?
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