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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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The Making of Star Trek, and several other sources. (The other sources may have been referencing TMoST, though.) If I remember right, CVN-65 may have been the latest and greatest at the time, but CV-6 had quite the illustrious history behind it.
I don't doubt that's true, but damned if I can find it in TMoST. I did see carrier names discussed as other starship names, Forrestal mentioned wrt starship tonnage, and CVN-65 used for a size comparison diagram.

Not knowing the details of the name choice, "Enterprise" would seem to be a happy two-for-one: The storied lone survivor of the early carrier battles for WW2 appeal, and the new super-carrier much covered in the press for its revolutionary propulsion and being the largest mobile structure ever built.

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^^IIRC it's CV-6 that is pictured on the TMP rec deck.
Quite right, though maybe we shouldn't assume those five images are the only ones ever displayed on those "screens."
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