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Re: Not real Star Trek

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You do realize that The Motion Picture is a remake of The Changling, right? That Riker and Troi are recycled Decker and Illia? That Q is refried Trelane?
Yes but it's more noticeable when it comes to movies. That's why I said Trek belongs on TV because a new show every week isn't going to be a previous show recycled.

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JJ has a looooong way to go before matching Gene Roddenberry's record for recycling.
JJ's recycle rate is 100%. Can't beat that record.
I just watched STID and a few days ago watched ST09. Not the same film. A few similar elements is about it.

TOS loved to recycle. Did we really need two episodes where a mad man takes over an asylum? Or a society ran by an evil AI? God like aliens who test the crew? Then we have episodes across several series where someone falls in love with a woman who's arranged marriage will end some sort of conflict. Being on TV won't prevent recycling.
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