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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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And as for Bashir - you mean you didn't enjoy ZSG, or you haven't enjoyed his material since ZSG?
Both. I quite literally loathed the character in Zero Sum Game, and my opinion of him since has not improved. The last time I liked Bashir in a book was Abyss. In the novels since, he's increasingly portrayed as far more maudlin, whiny, and obnoxiously self-centered than he ever was in the series, and that's saying something. I cannot find a single likeable or redeeming aspect to his character now. I keep hoping he dies a horrendously ignominious death at some point, but I'm sure no one would ever sign off on the novels killing him.
I see. I wasn't so down on ZSG - I felt this was very much the Bashir of AR-558, the depressed and sometimes cynical veteran, and also the lone genetically engineered man bereft of companionship. But taken to the extremes of how the series's end and the relaunch's direction had left him, as of The Soul Key and Destiny - a Bashir without any close friends (long without Miles or Garak, his two closest friends, and Ezri/Dax too). * ZSG's depressed Bashir made sense, to me, and more so, it made sense for him to jump at Sarina, a woman (he/the script) slightly objectified in Chrysalis. This is Bashir after all! **

* I liked how DRG left ambiguous through Ezri's POV whether he thought it a misguided romance, based on Bashir's old Jadzia crush. That felt psychologically real.

** I'm not sure I fully accept the continuity of Sarina'a characterisation to date since ZSG. She doesn't seem as clinical and cold, nor as physically and mentally superior, as she was in that book. Of course neither is Bashir. But Bashir's psychological changes make sense if one sees him as - somewhat - dependent on those closest to him (Dax, Miles, Garak - even Kira and Odo - now Sarina) with these people removing his (understandable, given his differences) sense of crushing isolation. He is deeply in love, and is grounded on her. Gone is, therefore, his cold and isolating depression. His newfound joy robbed him of the loss of his prior depression. And Miles is back too (although these two have not shared the same relationship of the past...). In terms of his development, I do hope L'Haan, and the other Mack S31 agents, come back with a vengeance at some point too (hopefully in Fall Book 3).

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I think Book 3 of The Fall is well worth looking forward to. Maybe Shar too? I really didn't enoy what Paths of Disharmony suggested about Andorian society - it presented, for me, too simplistic, too binary, a society. And the seperation happened too quick.
I really like Shar, and while the Andorian storyline has had its ups and downs for me, I love the species, so I'm happy when they show up in any meaningful way.
Yeah me too. As a historian I would be loath to say they are the same, but the recent burst of Andorians as a core part of the Federation in Christopher's Choice of Futures and in Vanguard makes me just wish to see more of them, in all their complexities. The easy seperation of a federal/nation state from a bigger nation just doesn't happen overnight, or even in 60 days. For example, if Scotland does go independent, it wil take at least two years from referendum to independence. Seperation is so much more complex than pure politics. It is cultural, familial, social, demographic. I loved the image of the multicultural Deneva in Mack's Destiny - and I kind of think that most Federation 'colony' worlds would be like this. What happened to all those Andorians on other worlds? IF the Federation is 900 trillion people (or whatever the correct figure was in the new book), despite their shrinking population, that must have been a lot of Andorians in the Federation. Vanguard especially suggested how widespread they were in the 23rd century, and there were a good number used throughout the 24th century treklit. So there seems to have been a lot. Or maybe not (because of course their population is a dramatic concern). I don't know. I kind of hope for more problematisation of the seperation - beyond just Typhon Pact sympathies and loyalties issues (I must admit to not having read the Titan books with the Andorian issues).

As for Shar. He was interesting, and - despite it being too cliche for them to reunite - it would be nice for Prynn and him to share a conversation. And - to go on an important tangent - for Prynn to perhaps have facetime too, independent of the men in her life. Because it would be great for her to have some characterisation too, now her father (and the Andorian) is (are) not her main dramatic conceit(s).

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