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Thoughts on Season 3

I've made it to episode 10 of season 3, and I wanted to share a few thoughts so far.

I liked "Flashback," but only for the coolness of seeing Captain Sulu and the Excelsior, and specifically seeing a new perspective from the events of TUC. But the story itself for this episode was kind of dumb IMO. And the little girl that was used to represent Janeway in the little memory sequence was awful! I'm sure Janeway was a much cuter little girl than that!

"The Chute" was okay. But the moment when we discover the chute leads to a window into space was pretty good. Too bad they couldn't have a couple of other big parts of the story involving these aliens which would have allowed this to be a 2-parter. The window of the chute scene would have been an awesome cliffhanger. The more Voyager I watch, the more I like Tom Paris. The more interaction he has with Kim, the more I like him too. Actually, I could care less about Kim, but he does help make Paris look like a really decent guy and a great friend.

"The Swarm" really bothered me. Janeway & others in the crew seemed almost giddy about plowing through space that belonged to a species which was by all accounts advanced and aggressive, and mostly unknown. Why are they so excited about busting through their space? Why not just try to go around for a bit and perhaps find another friendly species who could at least help them communicate with the mystery swarm? I just couldn't understand why they decided so quickly to fly through their space...and why they were so doggon excited about it! Maybe they were trying to add some danger to the personalities of the crew or something. But it just seemed out of character to me. The doctor's B-story was okay though.

"False Profits" was fun to me, being a fan of the Ferengi. I just think at they end they could have stuck around and studied the wormhole area and put their heads together to figure out a way to trigger the wormhole again prematurely if possible. To me, they gave up too quickly.

"Future's End" was pretty good to me. I really enjoyed it a lot. Plus, I had a crush on Sarah Silverman back in the day.

And that's where I've stopped.
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