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Re: Where'd This Phase II Cutaway Come From...?

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Also, had this MSD existed by the time of the TMP production, they rather would have used this one for the screen graphics than using the stuff of Franz Joseph.
Not necessarily, keep in mind that V’ger’s scan of the “E’s” computer memory included all of star fleet’s technical and Tactical data, not just the “E’s” info, therefore the display of the “Constitution”, which at the time would have still been typical of most of the fleet and relatively up to date, would not be surprising, and quite in keeping with the dialogue in the scene.

Anywho, I came across this graphic a year or so ago, even posted a thread about it, and as I recall it had been made for a fan film and there was no attempt by those involved to dupe the public by passing it off as an actual piece of phase II set dressing, or even a reproduction of same.
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