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Re: Jurassic Park 4 becomes 'Jurassic World'

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But I'd love to see a movie where dinosaurs make it to the mainland and the military takes them out.
That will never happen. Remember in one film where the T-Rex is captured, and the movie played it as a tragedy? Or the folks on ATVs with the villain music? I'm a leftie on some things, but it was all too heavy handed to me. Especially during the dinner scene in the first film, where I did not take the side of the heros.

I think this movie will have more of an aquatic focus. I want to see this:

In a real Jurrasic Park were ever made, there would be no problems most likely. I think Goldblum once said on the Tonight Show that he would have no problems bringing back a small one.

It really is the other way around. That would be the worst to get out and become an invasive species. There are no mammalian counterparts to a tyranosaur, and it would never get out of a volcanic island with quarried sides and steep artificial barriers.

But there would be no movie.

The Land that Time Forgot was the last film showing any combat with dinos other than forgettable junk out from time to time. The poor Styracosaurs that faced the U-boat's deck gun--that was nasty.

But that would actually be more merciful than if, say, a T-Rex were loose in New York.
It would eat a passer-by, then cross the road, and some fool would gun his taxi, and pin the ankle of the beast behind the bumper of an armored car just ahead.

The leg would snap from the un-yielding steel, and it would fall to the pavement screaming.
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