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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

The Librarian wrote: View Post
When I did some deck plans, I basically used Option 5, with the neck full of deuterium tankage. I think One and Five both work well, and I could easily see 5 being a 'modernized' version of One, using the same space but cutting it off at the saucer. That's if you want to go traditional; the horizontal 'Crazy Eddie' is very creative and I kind of like it given how different it is. There's no reason a warp core has to be vertical, after all.
I'm glad you bring up the neck. I've always struggled to assign a function to the grill around it, which also appears in lesser form where the pylon humpback meets the spine of the engineering hull. It seems like it would perform some heat dissipation function - which to me points towards some major heat-generating equipment being in the neck, and some of lesser extent in the humpback.

On the other hand, maybe it's not radiators, maybe it's some sort of wacky Starfleet experiment in flexible hull connections? But then, how do you explain its presence on the Ambassador class?

The one problem with the horizontal core in the humpback, to me, is that you're going to have to pump the matter and antimatter fairly far to get it there... unless the pod contains highly concentrated small bottles.

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
1 and 5 seems more consistent in application if you're trying to keep it similar to the Constitutions, IMHO. Also, the Hathaway in TNG appeared to have only a single warp core in a vertical orientation despite everything being doubled up on the Constellations.
That's where I keep drifting. And I was just thinking that the Constellation core might be what the Excelsior core "really" looked like.

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
But given how flat the mid-to-stern section is on the Excelsior's engineering hull, what if the warp core was horizontal in the engineering hull and then branched up into the hump? That way the top of the core is still pointing forward toward the front/impulse engines.
Great suggestion! I therefore give you...

Option Six.

While I was working on that, I came up with a second version of Option 3 that seems a little less convoluted:

I'm still fairly undecided.
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