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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

Forgive me if the following subject has already been discussed on this thread

I'd like to offer some friendly advice for producers, directors and behind-the-scenes folks involved in fan film production. When making casting decisions, I believe it is a mistake to cast yourselves in key roles or include your family and friends in the cast.

I realize fan films are produced "for fun", but with all the extraordinary care and attention to detail devoted to building sets, developing props, selecting wardrobe and designing visual effects, I'm a bit surprised by some of the questionable casting decisions.

It's relatively easy to recruit experienced, talented and attractive actors for a serious production. Some will work for free if they believe in the project.

I understand it may be a "dream-come-true" for behind-the-scenes folks to appear on camera along with family and friends. But your production will be more entertaining, appeal to wider audience, and be less stressful to produce if you recruit experienced actors.

Just some friendly advice.
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