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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Thrawn wrote: View Post

So: confrontationally calling someone a liar, then?

Not saying JWolf's posts aren't aggressive too, but if you're using DRG3's exit to justify your tirade against JWolf, you should maybe be sure your tirade isn't also exactly what he was talking about?

I really like your posts in general, Defcon, but I have to call you on this. Most people on both sides aren't doing a very good job of lowering the "negativity and combativeness" in here.
Don't see how this:

JWolf wrote: View Post
Look, enough of the people who said they disliked Rough Beasts of Empire did so in such a rude, overbearing and nasty way that they drive DRGIII from this forum.
equals this:

David R. George III wrote: View Post
What this is about is what seems to me to be the increasing negativity and combativeness in the Trek Literature threads.
The first one implies that DRG III was attacked directly and that was why he left, the second one only says that DRG III didn't enjoy the overall "feel" of the board at the time.

But yes, quite frankly I'm tired of JWolf's posts and attitude, and have decided to not hold back anymore whenever he is spewing his tirades.
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