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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Not ridiculous in a silly fashion, in just how blatant and strong it got, which is pretty funny in the same episode Janeway's going on about Tom and B'elanna needing to realise what's in front of them.

Speaking of which:
Blood Fever.
The Vorik pay-off. I wonder if the concept was originally for Tuvok, but then the producers realised it would be harder to pay off and created the new character so they could play it off Tom and Torres? I hope there is a Tuvok Pon-farr episode though.

Tom shows great restraint here, and I like it that it takes Chakotay and Tuvok practically giving him an order to do it, he's trying so hard to not take advantage. Then in the turbo lift B'elanna is thanking him for both what he didn't do and what he nearly did to save her. A good "Don't take advantage if they're drunk, except if someone you're ordered to because their life depends on it"

Loved the Doctor's solution. Dirty little hologram.

I also like that just as Amok Time (an episode I've never seen) ends with a fight, so does this, only B'elanna is her own champion and it's a hell of a nasty fight.
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