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Re: Not real Star Trek

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Star Trek was created as a TV series and that's where it belongs. Weekly episodes, each with a "message" or "moral to the story" that gets people to exercise their brains.
But isn't it true that very few of the episodes actually had messages or morals to the story? They aren't psalms, they're adventures in space first and foremost.
The problem with Star Trek these days is that there are only movies that come out every 3-4 years. Because of that, they use the same formula each time. "Evil Villain hell bent on revenge - causes massive death and destruction with lots of explosions!"

Until Star Trek comes back to TV, we are going to have to ignore Gene's vision and tolerate the same movie over and over again.
Didn't Star Trek Into Darkness have both a message (quite explicitly slamming America's use of drone weapons) and morals (Kirk deciding to bring Khan to Earth for trial instead of executing him from afar)? Yet you still claim it's not real Star Trek. What will it take?
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