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Re: 12th Doctor Costume?

I'm not really in love with the salmon 70s look and scarf. Wouldn't want a leather jacket on Capaldi though. I don't really want Capaldi based on a past doctor as such. Smith was clearly heavily based on the second doctor, both personality and clothes (although I got the impression that in Smiths very early episodes, Moffat wanted to hark back to the Davison years, which is why we got a younger doctor, and I heard on the Weeping Angel two parter some music which was a bit like stuff from earthshock). Tennant had his own look, but I could tell a bit that his personality took after Tom Baker a bit. And McCoy was a bit of a mash up of the first six doctors. So that's already three that have been based on at least one doctor to an extent. I want Capaldi to be his own doctor. I think a long black gothic coat would work well.
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