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Re: Not real Star Trek

All of it is real.

The entire notion of declaring certain parts of the franchise "not real Trek" or "not true Trek" is absurd, and really comes down to either "this part isn't real/true (because I don't like it)", or "this part isn't real/true because it doesn't conform to a narrow reading of what Trek 'should' be (often summed up as 'Gene's vision')."

And it's fine to not like parts of it, as well as to have favorite parts. We all have our likes and dislikes, and arguing about them here can be a bizarrely fun way to pass the time. But placing some kind of judgement on the parts that we dislike as being "not real Trek" is ridiculous. And it isn't as if we could ever get any kind of consensus on what the good and bad parts of Trek ARE. In the end, it's all down to our opinions.

So it's all real. Even the bad stuff, the cheesy stuff, the parts we'd prefer to forget - nobody ever said that Star Trek was perfect, and goodness knows, at times it's anything but.

But it's still all Star Trek. Yes, even Enterprise.

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