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Re: Ratings are in !

benny said:
Still, I am a fan. I will watch every single Friday night in first run. I like the occupation story on the planet. I don't see anything wrong with the parallels to Iraq or whatever conflict you want to compare it to. The story, the acting, the production values...still top notch. Still one of the best two shows on TV, regardless of who is or is not watching it.
Very interesting points and I hope BSG sticks around because I too am a fan. I think the enhanced grittiness is much needed. The series got off course a bit in season 2 with too many soapy elements. Now its getting back to where it should be. When humanities survival is stake things must be portrayed as grim! So, I'm all for the changes. And, it's not just that they're good changes they're also being executed very well from the writing, acting, to the directing.

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