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Re: Ratings are in !

Mr Awe said:
However, assuming that's the case, how much weight will this have with Sci Fi? Honest question. It hasn't seemed to increase the ratings of their shows. If things stay the same we may be good. But, what if the BSG ratings drop to say 1.4? Will the free advertising be sufficient to keep it around still? You're talking about something that has intangible effects competing with hard cold cash. Intangible may well lose out!
I agree that ratings do mean quite a bit. No question. However, I've never understood the reasoning behind pre-emptions/same week reruns not being counted. Granted, they should be limited to one rerun during the week to ward off a network taking advantage of the system, but the fact remains that the people watching-whenever they do in that initial week-are still watching. (Not to get sidetracked: it was one of the things I NEVER understood with Enterprise and probably helped it to die when it did.)

The thing is, as any network knows, you have to be known for something. NBC for YEARS was known for The Cosby Show/Cheers/Seinfeld/Friends. ABC is currently known for Lost/Grey's Anatomy/Desperate Housewives. CBS has historically been known as the "Geriatric Network" and has recently been known as CSI land. Sci Fi isn't known for anything except BSG.

Personally, they made a huge mistake in premiering in the fall alongside new shows and postseason baseball. They had great success with Eureka over the summer, but didn't build anything for BSG. There was more than enough time to reshow the entire first and second episode a week on whatever night they wanted. Bill it as a "catch up without spending the cash for DVD or iTunes" or whatever the marketing department can come up with.

Still, I am a fan. I will watch every single Friday night in first run. I like the occupation story on the planet. I don't see anything wrong with the parallels to Iraq or whatever conflict you want to compare it to. The story, the acting, the production values...still top notch. Still one of the best two shows on TV, regardless of who is or is not watching it.
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