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Not a movie persay, but I'd love to see a five episode miniseries reboot of Airwolf...

In the wake of 9/11/01, and at the start of the war on terror, the CIA, US Special Operations Command, the DHS & FBI, and the NSA all try to get funding for various "anti-terrior" programs. The CIA wants a covert transport they can use to extricate suspected terrorists, and other individuals, to black sites for interrogation. USSOC wants a armored stealth craft for special operations insertions. DHS and the FBI want a domestic anti-terror operations platform. And, the NSA wants a mobile scout and electronic intell gathering craft. However, when none of the programs get the go ahead, the deputy director of the CIA's new anti-terrorism section, a highly intelligent but shadowy former field agent known only by the code name Archangle, makes an end run and contacts the mid level department heads of the other agencies and calls them to a meeting with a congressman from the house appropriations committee.

At this meeting, Archangle sells them all on pooling their efforts to create a prototype for a single design craft that would serve all their needs. Funded through the CIA and USSOC black funding, and built by a CIA front company known as "the Firm". DHS, the FBI, and NSA would all purchess the production run directly from USSOC as "surplus".

Five years after the meeting, they are all brought together for the reveal of "Airwolf", a heavily armed and armored stealth "chopper" capable of Mach 2+, carrying a crew of three and cargo or a squad of six solders, and the most sophisticated electronic intelligence suites ever deployed outside of a NSA mainframe building. However, during the live fire demonstration Airwolf, under the control of the head of the design team and his staff, attacks the Firm facility and leaves the area.

Archangle, one of the few to survive the attack, makes contact with former special operations captain Stringfellow Hawk, who worked with the CIA during the early days of the war in Afghanistan till he resigned following the dissapearence of his younger brother in Iraq, and current pilot officer for a Montana county sheriffs department. Archangle reads Stringfellow into the project and asks him to "retrieve Airwolf". When Stringfellow asks him why he Mae to him, Archangle tells him it is a dangerious time, and he needs someone he can trust. Stringfellow agrees to do it, with two conditions. First, that the CIA has to find his brother. Second, that he picks his own team.

The team finds Airwolf in Iran, where the designer is trying to sell it to the highest bidder, taking offers from Iran, north korea, as well as several private military companies and terriorist groups.

During his confrontation with the designer, he tells Stringfellow that the CIA was going to kill him and his team. He found that the self destruct was programmed to go off during the test, killing him and destroying the prototype.

After retrieving Airwolf, Stringfellow and his group decide that it is too dangerious to give back, but needs it as a bargaining chip to help find his brother, so they hide it with the self destruct rigged, telling Archangle he can have it back when he finds his brother.

Things get crazy when a private military company and a unit from USSOC try to steal Airwolf, Archangle asks Stringfellow and his crew to use Airwolf to stop a terriorist attack, and comes clean as to what he "claims" is the whole situation.

The miniseries ends with Stringfellow and his crew agreeing to work for the CIA as a private military contractor in order to receive protection from other agencies and PMC's.
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