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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Unless the book is by Michael A Martin; it is ok to think his books are poorly written here. You are only allowed to say that DRG3 books did not work for you. Apparently it is not possible to disagree about the quality of an author's work.
It's OK to say you didn't like Revelation and Dust or it didn't wok for you or you thought it was poor. But it's NOT OK to say it's garbage. That's an insult and defamatory. It's all in how you word your dislike that matters.

Look, enough of the people who said they disliked Rough Beasts of Empire did so in such a rude, overbearing and nasty way that they drive DRGIII from this forum.
OMG. First you're the spoiler police and now you're trying to control other people's ideas and expressions. What's next? A separate thread where you wine and cry about how people talk and the words they use?

If I choose to describe a book as garbage, or rubbish or any other label, and it's my honest opinion, then who the hell are you to come in and criticize how I say it?

There are some people throughout the world who don't understand how they suck all the fun and energy out of a place. As for mentioning DRGIII leaving TrekBBS, yes, he did leave. But I'm sorry, that was a choice he made and from my perspective looks a tad childish in my opinion. What? So everyone of his books MUST get good reviews in order for him to be a part of this community? Are readers not allowed to express themselves if they don't like a book of his? Look, he's not God nor is he the best Trek author who's a part of this community. The best Trek writers are as much a part of this TrekBBS family as you and I are, and have learned to have a thicker skin than that. They seem, of course within reason, to listen and share and strive to understand where we come from, and when we're wrong, let us know. They're Star Trek fans. They get it.

They don't want to grab their toys and run fans don't like something they wrote. I love them for that and grateful they're here. If I had a choice between meeting an actor from one of the Trek series or one of these writers, I'd chose the writers. They help keep 24th century Trek alive. Let me be clear, I am a DRGIII fan too. SATR and RTD are two exceptional books. And I wasn't one all that upset about Rough Beasts, but that being said if I read something and I don't like, I reserve the right to review it and be honest about it here in this forum. And if I want to use the term garbage to describe it, then that's my choice.

It's not for you to dictate how we post here.
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