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Re: How Do You Feel About Driving?

I hate driving. However, I don't really fit into the poll options, because I don't take public transit even though it is available. I did take public transit for a few years to get to work and school, and I hated it. I highly value my privacy and personal space. But the biggest reason I hated it was the amount of time it took. A huge chunk of my day was just traveling back and forth between work and home on a bus. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like it was sucking my life away from me.

Right now, I could drive to work in 15 minutes, or ride a bus that takes almost an hour...since my job allows me to afford my car, its not a difficult choice for me.

Also, I hated the idea of having to plan my life around bus schedules. My hours at work, what time I woke up in the morning, when I ate lunch and dinner, everything had to revolve around bus schedules. It was weighing me down.

So, even though I really don't enjoy driving at all, I consider it better than the alternative. I am a very independent person, so I NEED to know that I can get in my car and go wherever I want to at this very moment. I don't feel comfortable or at ease depending on a transportation system. It just brings me added anxiety, and I already have plenty of that!
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