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Re: No Radiation Suits In The 23rd Century?

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No radiation suits near a radioactive chamber (STiD); physically hitting a plasma chamber with a phaser rifle, immediately releases instantly lethal plasma into the engine room (STFC); No restraints in seats (TMP, TWOK, TSFS, TVH, TFF, TUC, GEN, STFC, STIN, STNEM); containment barrels stacked on top of one another and topple easily (TNG, VOY, DS9); OSHA would have shut down Starfleet a long time ago.
How about fuses and surge suppressors on anything electronic in Starfleet. You wouldn't be able to get me near a bridge console in a battle, those things are an electricians nightmare.

"Oh, you can fly the ship from a PADD? Fine, get a PADD and I'll fly the ship." And I guarantee you, some how that'd explode, electrocute me, and send me flying across the bridge the first time a Klingon fired on the ship.
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