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Re: Question About "The Chimes at Midnight"

DonIago wrote: View Post
Thelin's antennae must have picked up on signals the rest of Our Heroes would have missed.
Either that, or... ICE POWERS!!

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
Or maybe in this timeline, Sonak didn't die, and it was he who fulfilled Spock's role.
That's honestly what I thought of at first, too: if Thelin didn't leave Starfleet after TOS like Spock did, then he should have already been assigned to Enterprise at the start of TMP, and then maybe he was able to resolve the transporter issue before Sonak beamed aboard. But then... if Thelin is already aboard, why would Sonak even get assigned to the crew, since they already have a science officer? Unless... Since Thelin was still in Starfleet, maybe he was originally promoted to captain the Enterprise instead of Decker, so he would still be around, but they'd still need a science officer. But then who merged with V'ger? Argh...

Sci wrote: View Post
The idea of an Andorian-dominated polity opens up the possibility that the V'Ger crisis was resolved by an Aenar. Their powerful telepathy might have helped in Spock's absence.
Doesn't someone around here (I'm thinking Therin of Andor) propose that Thelin himself is part-Aenar, based on his colouring in TAS? If this was the case, he could have some rudimentary telepathy, and then maybe he was the one who "melded" with V'ger in "Chimes at Midnight"!

Or, y'know, maybe they just figured the V'ger thing out without the mindmeld after all...
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