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Re: Ratings are in !

benny said:
Mr Awe said:
Further, I don't think BSG provides much more of the extras/freebies that you allude to compared to say Stargate SG-1. Care to expand?
BSG is talked about in every single entertainment publication out there. It was the cover story in Entertainment Weekly a couple weeks back. Seeing the picture of Baltar, Roslin and Six on the rack (no pun intended) amounted to free advertising. Every legit website out there was talking it up. Free advertising. BSG got promo time on NBC. SG-1 did not. BSG is seen in most circles as being as good as, if not better than, some of the best drama nominees at the Emmy's. SG-1 isn't even close to the conversation. The acting is heralded as award worthy. When did that ever happen to SG-1?

Everyone talking about it is free advertising. It provides a signature show for the network, which for years was the home of old reruns. It is the Sci Fi Channel more than Stargate and Farscape ever could be.
I see what you're saying. I don't watch much TV nor follow its happenings much so perhaps I'm just not aware of how much free press they're getting from BSG.

However, assuming that's the case, how much weight will this have with Sci Fi? Honest question. It hasn't seemed to increase the ratings of their shows. If things stay the same we may be good. But, what if the BSG ratings drop to say 1.4? Will the free advertising be sufficient to keep it around still? You're talking about something that has intangible effects competing with hard cold cash. Intangible may well lose out!

I'm not saying that BSG will be cancelled but I just feel quite as secure as some people. I remember during ENT days where it kept getting lower and lower ratings. There was a consitent group of posters who kept saying that there was no way it would be cancelled and that they'd get the normal 7 years. They kept saying that right up until it was cancelled. They had their security blanket firmly in place.

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