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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Guys, I've reached an impasse with the warp core and really need your help. I've concocted five options that I'd like your opinions on - which do you think is the most likely/logical?

Option One, the traditional/deflection crystal placed version:

This version has a warp core that basically works just like the TMP intermix chamber, although I haven't shown the reactor that I think would "actually" exist at the bottom of the chamber.

Option Two, the "Crazy Eddie," which is how I interpreted his suggestion (thanks, pal):

This one puts a short, vertical reactor core from the top of the hump to the ventral, and would have power transfer conduits branching directly into the pylons, as well (possibly) as one going up to the deflection crystals.

Option Three, the "Sternbach," which basically follows TNG-onward core placement thought:

This one actually makes the chasm be directly related to the core functions - potentially containing the reactor itself. The PTC arrangement needs exploring (and I haven't got one going up to the impulse engines in this sample.)

Option Four, another take on the "Crazy Eddie" but this time putting the core horizontally:

This has the benefit of allowing the core to be slightly larger, and potentially allowing the engine core to be ejected in the "humpback" assembly.

Option Five, another take on Option One:

This is basically the TNG-friendly version of Option One; the warp core is entirely contained in the secondary hull, as well as roughly equal in height, with a PTC connecting to the impulse engines and to the nacelle pylons.

Any of these (except for as noted with V1/V5) could work with either the TMP style reactor or the TNG style reactor, IMO. I just read in the other thread where 137th Gebring suggested that the ship may've had two warp cores/intermix shafts, indicated by the dual deflection crystals. This is a concept I'd not considered before, but could work as an interpretation of Option One.

So, what does everyone think? Are there any placement options I've missed?
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