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Re: Ratings are in !

Noname Given said:
You know - with all these explinations, excuces, etc. it made me have a flashback to the Enterprise forum two years back.

"The premire date and time wasn't really well advertised..." - check

"But the Nielsons don't account for TiVO's and DVR/VCRs" - check

"It was going up against [insert sporting event or higher rated TV show name here]." - check

"I had a BUNCH of people over and we all watched it at the same time..." - Check

"It was shown more than once, I'm sure many people knew this and caught a later broadcast of it..." - check
i'm certainly getting deja vu.

different names, same spin. and while i thought the premiere was two hours of complete awesome, having faith in the shows quality is an absolute waste of time. firefly was critically acclaimed too for example.

numbers matter. don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise.
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