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Re: Ratings are in !

Let's revisit the "splitting Sci Fi Friday" point. According to the press release, it was successful -- for at least one night. While the show's overall ratings are down, BSG performed considerably better year on average for the time slot and time of year.

If Sci Fi wants to keep building Sci Fi Friday it had to split the shows up otherwise they would be stuck for months with repeats and very little new to show. In this case, we've transitioned relatively smoothly from the 'Gates to BSG with the ratings staying relatively the same. Sure, I'd like them to grow, but having relatively strong shows in the queue is important too.

If Sci Fi was smart, they might reschedule a BSG rerun after ECW now that Eureka's in reruns. It can sometimes be a strong, albeit temporary lure for a show like BSG.
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